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Did you know that there have been recent cases of counterfeit veterinary products sold online discovered in the last few years? Were you aware that when you purchase veterinary products online, they often do not carry the guarantees of the manufacturer of the product? Fortunately, all the medications offered in our pharmacy at Reilly Road Animal Hospital are guaranteed to be authentic, safe, and efficacious by the drug maker.

The fully stocked pharmacy at Reilly Road Animal Hospital is ready for needs of your pet, including antibiotics, pain medications, dermatology products, and heartworm and flea preventatives. Our products are in stock and ready for use, so your precious pet can begin treatment immediately as necessary.

The prices on the pharmaceutical products we carry are often the same, and even less than online and big-box stores. There are no hidden charges such as shipping fees when you purchase your products at Reilly Road Animal Hospital. Finally, some of our products offer rebates and free doses not available online and chain stores.

You trust Reilly Road Animal Hospital with the life and health of your pet, and you can rest assured you are receiving safe and efficacious products purchased from our hospital. If you are currently a part of the Reilly Road Animal Hospital pet family, we appreciate your confidence.

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