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Have you ever been separated from your beloved pet? If so, you understand that you can feel helpless in searching for them. Fortunately, Reilly Road Animal Hospital offers an innovative microchip that was specifically designed to help reunite pets with their lost owners.

A microchip approximately the size of a grain of rice is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades of your dog or cat. Each chip contains a code, which is unique to you and your pet. In the event your pet is lost, most shelters and veterinary clinics have microchip readers that can identify the code, and alert you to your pet's location.

Reilly Road Animal Hospital is pleased to offer microchipping services to their clients, and recommend them to all pet owners. Please have your pet microchipped today by contacting one of our caring professionals at 910-864-0606. Provide your furry family the best opportunity to return home in the event they become separated from you.

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