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Heartworm Testing

Did you know transmission of heartworms from infected mosquitoes occurs in both dogs AND cats? Heartworm disease has been diagnosed in all 50 US states and is especially prevalent in areas with a large mosquito population, as we have here in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas. Fortunately, heartworms are relatively easy to prevent, as there are numerous, extremely safe and effective heartworm preventatives available at Reilly Road Animal Hospital.

How can I find out if my dog has heartworm disease?

If you are unsure of the heartworm status of your canine family member, Dr. Stephenson at Reilly Road Animal Hospital is here to help. We can safely perform a blood test for heartworm disease while you wait.

The heartworm tests at Reilly Road Animal Hospital are designed to measure the presence of a protein known as an antigen that is emitted from adult female heartworms. The test will indicate antigen that may be present in the blood sample on the heartworm test.

What if my dog is positive for heartworms?

In the event Dr. Stephenson determines that your dog is heartworm positive, they can be treated right here at our clinic. Reilly Road Animal Hospital carries a product that kills the adult heartworms in 2-3 treatments.

Remember that heartworm preventatives always cost less and are safer than treatment after a dog contracts heartworms. Reilly Road Animal Hospital carries various safe and effectual products at our clinic. Please contact one of our caring professionals today at 910-864-0606, and have your constant companion tested for heartworm disease today.

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