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Intensive Care

The veterinary hospital at Reilly Road Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, North Carolina has an advanced intensive care suite located within our facility. There are many medical reasons for our animal patients to be admitted to our intensive care unit including such issues as trauma, certain disease states, and invasive surgery often requires the additional monitoring and attention available in our intensive care ward. Dr. Stephenson has had many years of combined medical experience and some of the most advanced monitoring equipment available in veterinary medicine. If your precious pet has a medical event that may require intensive care, your can rest assured they are in capable hands at Reilly Road Animal Hospital.

The cutting-edge technology in our intensive care ward are continually monitored by Dr. Stephenson and our staff and includes electrocardiogram (EKG) unit monitors the electrical activity of the heart of each patient, as well as blood pressure and oxygen levels. Fluids and pain preventatives are administered as necessary, and blood work can be monitored using our advanced laboratory. Finally, digital x-rays can be taken, which provide internal imaging within a matter of seconds, enabling our veterinarians to treat immediately as necessary.

Our clients have come to rely on the expertise of Dr. Stephenson and our staff at Reilly Road Animal Hospital, whether their animal is facing a medical emergency requiring intensive care or a routine wellness visit. Join our family today by calling one of our caring team members.

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