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A primary reason people bring their dogs to Reilly Road Animal Hospital is the fact that they are suffering from skin allergies. Skin allergies are often triggered by an allergen in the environment of the pet, ranging from certain types of grass to dust and pollen. An allergy test conducted by Dr. Stephenson can often indicate what may be causing your dog to itch. Once the source of the allergic reaction is determined, sublingual immunotherapy can be utilized to treat or even cure a dog suffering from allergic reactions.

How does immunotherapy work?

You may know a person who takes "allergy shots" to relieve an allergic condition. Veterinary immunotherapy and injections work in much the same way, as small amounts of the allergen causing the reaction are administered to the pet. Larger quantities of the substance are injected over time, possibly building a tolerance to the allergen. Immunotherapy works by using the immune system of the pet, rather than drugs or medications, to develop a resistance to the substance causing the allergic reaction.

Veterinary dermatology has advanced significantly in recent years, and Reilly Road Animal Hospital has kept pace with these developments. Dr. Stephenson can examine, test, and treat allergies in your precious pet right here out our clinic in Fayetteville, North Carolina. If you feel that your constant companion is suffering from an allergic condition, please call one of our caring team members at 910-864-0606 and schedule an appointment today!

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