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The thought of cancer is always frightening, whether the disease is to people or pets. Fortunately, both human and veterinary medicine has come a long way in the battle versus cancer, and the knowledgeable veterinarians at Reilly Road Animal Hospital in Fayetteville are on the cutting edge of this fight.

At Reilly Road Animal Hospital, we can help you prevent, diagnose, and treat many types of cancer. Prevention begins early, as spaying neutering your constant companion can eliminate the risk of many types of reproductive cancers. Maintaining a nutritious diet and keeping your healthy weight is the next step in cancer prevention for pets. Additional measures such as keeping shorthaired breed away from constant exposure to sunlight can also be important in cancer prevention.

If Dr. Stephenson determines your pet has cancer, Reilly Road Animal Hospital is ready to care for them with the most advanced diagnostic laboratory available in veterinary medicine. Blood work can indicate many health states early when it is more favorable to treat, rather than waiting until a disease manifests. Dr. Stephenson has diagnosed many disease states, including cancer, utilizing our laboratory located right here at our clinic.

Pets diagnosed with cancer at Reilly Road Animal Hospital can be treated locally, here at our hospital. Dr. Stephenson has the safest and most effective medications available in veterinary medicine to treat our cancer patients. During treatment, our diagnostic analyzers can continuously monitor the blood values of your precious pet. Pain preventatives and antiemetic products are available at our hospital and can be administered immediately to your pet as needed.

Reilly Road Animal Hospital has been serving with veterinary needs of pets in the Cumberland County area of North Carolina for many years, and we want to be a part of your pet family as well. Please call one of our caring professionals and schedule an appointment for your furry family member today!

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